The life cycle of an ant – more GDD

I’ve decided to start work on the section of the game design document that deals with the creation of new units in game. Why? I don’t know. There is so much work to do that I feel the best thing for me to work on at any given moment is something that I’m excited about in order to keep going and maintain some sort of momentum. Trying to work on something this big in your spare time is ridiculous. I worry about how easy it is to start thinking about other more fun things I could be doing, like building a formicarium and hunting for queen ants outside in the sun on a warm day. Optera and two years of work, brainstorming and art could just dissolve away with the introduction of a new hobby… Now when I start thinking about working on my resume and job hunting? Well all the sudden typing away the design document seems so much easier.

Here’s a little sample of what I’m working on…Life_cycle_01


This photo is completely obsolete. This got completely rewritten and the GDD doesn’t resemble this anymore. Thats all! Edit made feb 15 2014.


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