The combat section of the GDD is finished!

The section of the Game Design Document that deals with the complex combat interactions of different species within Optera has been finished! I’m relieved. Now I just need to pick the next area to tackle and jump in head first. I have been doing some R+D type stuff relating to digging and management of soil in the “underground layer” and I feel like I’m making some good progress. GGD_combat_01By the way I feel I should mention all the art in the design docs is placeholder art and is only there to illustrate an idea.

As far as combat goes here is a small bit of what’s been conceived:

All insects in the world of Optera have 5 basic commands to help them interact with the world around them- four mandible actions of Bite, Cling, Sever, and Pin. The fifth action is an abdomen action. Depending on species the abdomen action may be several different things such as a sting, a formic acid droplet or spray, laying eggs etc.

I am most excited about the venom possibilities and I have to say I think I surprised myself here. I wont go into too much detail but players will be able to develop extremely complex venom compositions that can do a variety of things. The system will be able to encompass things as simple as a drop of acid or as complicated as a paralysis venom. It will be awesome.

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