Some details on nest management – Part 2

Optera has still continued to take shape in the form of some documents, spreadsheets, and images. The game design document is a good 70 pages strong and pretty detailed at this point. Its not finished, but I think its time to start reaching out and looking for help even at its current state.

I have not been focusing any time on promotional stuff, the posts are lacking, and the forum isn’t up! I have been working though, even if it has been super quiet. Part of the reason for not having the forums up is the Optera community is still pretty small and I figured it wouldn’t be getting a ton of use. I really should work on keeping all these promises though. I can start with this one: the second post on nest management. What I’ll do is give you guys a sneak preview of the GDD like I did with the combat section.

This should pick up roughly where I left off before:







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