Slow week, dirty workspace

This post totally sucks but I cant leave you guys hanging no matter how busy I am.

I feel like this week has been a total wash. I have been super busy, Axel has been super busy, I’m not sure which artwork to work on because there’s a bunch of  R & D to be done in order to figure out the direction things need to move, yada yada yada. The awesome weather here on the U.S. east coast has had me out in the garden a bunch as well. Those seeds have to get planted! The wife also has two jobs now so I’m doing most of the cooking at night. (which btw she’s got classes tonight so I’m eating cereal for dinner to get this post and some other work done- Optera needs it) I have also been working a little farther away than usual so the commute is taking its toll as well. Optera time is all messed up right now.

At first it felt good to not work on stuff for a couple days but I’m starting to get antsy. The spring weather has ants all over the place outside and every time I see one I feel like I’m getting kicked in the shins by myself because of my lack of progress.

There’s only one thing to do. Clean this shithole up.image (2)image (1)


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