What is Optera?

Optera aims to be a sandbox real-time strategy game where players command, grow, and evolve a species of colony building insects in a seasonally changing environment.

Optera is a game about natural selection, competition, and biodiversity.

When can I play it?

Optera is a long-term project. It is a big idea that is taking massive amounts of work. There is no date for anything playable. The brainstorming of Optera began in 2011 and I have steadily doing art/design for the project ever since.

Who is working on Optera?

Currently there is only myself on the project. I do all the reference photography, art and design for Optera. Any concept art, game play mock ups, animations, and textures have been done by me so far. I can’t do everything but what i can do I’ll slowly chip away at.

What areas of Optera are currently being worked on? 

I feel I am competent in most areas involving art and design.

As far as 2d animation, I am quickly learning. I feel that with lots a work and perseverance I can pull the animation off.

I have done basic 3d modeling in the past but I’m no expert in this field. The models in Optera are actually very simple though and the textures do most of the work here.

Can I help?

If you feel like you have something to contribute and you want to be a part of a project like this then send an email to collin@opteragame.com

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