New website/forums under way

The past couple of days I have taken a break from animation and have been focusing on trying to learn more web development type stuff. I’m currently redesigning the website in Dreamweaver (more learning required of course). The new site wont be all that much different than the current one. Hopefully just a little cleaner, links you can actually read, that kind of stuff.


As well as the new website, which should be live very soon, I have begun to set up some forums for Optera. The forums are technically live although not completely set up. Ill send out a newsletter shortly to announce the forums to Optera’s miniature but awesome community as well as have a link from the main website’s menu. In the meantime if someone reads this and is feeling particularly “ant”sy then by all means sign up and introduce yourself or something. Ill have the appropriate categories and such all figured out soon enough.

Yeah dog

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