Adventure- Costa Rica!

Wow, what a busy summer! Where to begin…

So I’ll bring you guys up to speed. First, this update is way over due. Second, I got married! The wedding was awesome and the honeymoon was ridiculous. The lovely bride and I went to Costa Rica! Of course we found time to get some anting in. The misses, who also does some reference photography for Optera, got some pretty awesome photos. Here’s the super fast version…

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A couple videos:


Hurricane pheromone trail:

We also took some reference photos to make some new artwork. I spent last weekend putting the Costa Rica artwork together in Unity. Now we have rainforest concept art!


I’m sure you guys saw that image on the main page. Its pretty simple but it gets the point across. Having many different ecosystems in the world of Optera is something I really hope happens in the future.

While we are on the subject of future plans…

I’m sure its obvious that I can only work on the game part time. So how is this thing going to get finished? Well I need help. I have been experimenting with artwork and gameplay concepts for the past two and half years now. Needless to say it has been a process that requires a boat load of patience and dedication. Its time to get some other people involved. This game is a labor of love and it needs passionate and creative people to help it get its feet off the ground. Optera needs a place where a community can grow and flourish. Optera needs a place where ideas can be passed around and opinions can be expressed. So… Optera will have a forum to serve these functions. As the weather cools and fall turns into winter I want to kick Optera into high gear and start the development phase. The forum will hopefully be up by the end of this autumn.

Well that’s it for now. I have a bunch of other things I want to talk about but it will go into the next few newsletters. Talk to you soon!

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